Disney's The Parent Trap, starring Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara, and Brian Keith,
is released. Mills portrays twins Sharon and Susan, who are reunited years after being separated by their 
divorced parents. The film features the songs "For Now, For Always," and "Let's Get Together," both written by 
the Sherman Brothers.
Also released are the Donald Duck shorts The Litterbug (a combination live-action/animation) and the
animated short Donald and the Wheel.
Singer-songwriter Kris Allen, the winner of the eighth season of
American Idol and the second Idol to ever appear in an "I'm Going
to Disney World!" TV ad, is born in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Disney's live-action feature film Return to Oz is released in U.S.
theaters. The film's plot is a combination of L. Frank Baum's novels Ozma of Oz and The Marvelous Land of Oz
which were written as sequels to his classic novel The Wonderful Wizard of OzReturn to Oz is an unofficial sequel 
as Disney has made the film without the involvement of MGM, the studio responsible for the original 1939 film. (The 
film will receive an Academy Award nomination for "Best Visual Effects".)
             The Touchstone/Amblin Entertainment film Who Framed Roger Rabbit
premieres at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Actor Bob Hoskins plays a private detective who investigates a murder involving the famous cartoon character, Roger Rabbit (voiced by Charles Fleischer). The film
will be generally released in U.S. theaters the following day. Who Framed Roger Rabbit marks the first (and to date, only) time that characters from several animation studios - including Disney, Universal, MGM, Republic, Turner Entertainment, and Warner Bros. - appear in one film!
The Disneyland parade Celebration U.S.A. debuts.

The Rocketeer starring Bill Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, and Timothy Dalton is released. A young pilot (Campbell) stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero. First premiering at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood two days earlier, The Rocketeer 
was the first film to play at the historic movie house since the El Capitan's $14 million renovation. The feature is
based on the comic book created by illustrator and comic artist Dave Stevens; co-writer and co-producer
of the film as well. (The Rocketeer will later be nominated for both the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film.)
Tokyo Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade ends its run.
Disney's 34th animated feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame is 
generally released the same day "The Hunchback of Notre Dame –
 A Musical Adventure" debuts at Disney-MGM Studios. Featuring the voices of Jason Alexander (as Hugo), Tom Hulce (as Quasimodo), Mary Kay Bergman (as Quasimodo's Mother), and Demi Moore (as Esmeralda), the animated film's music will be nominated for an Oscar. The story is loosely based on the
Victor Hugo epic novel, first published in 1831. The live stage show will run through September 2002.
DisneyQuest unveils two new attractions at the Indoor Interactive Theme Park at 
Disney World: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold" (which allows guests to fulfill their fantasy of becoming a pirate and interacting in a pirate world) 
and "Songmaker" (which allows guests to become a record producer and create 
their own song). 

Disney's newest animated feature Lilo & Stitch opens in U.S. theaters the
 same day ABC-TV airs Disney's Lilo & Stitch Aloha From Hollywood.
The animated feature tells the story of a Hawaiian girl who adopts an unusual pet that turns out to
 be an notorious extra-terrestrial fugitive from the law. 

Country singer Wynonna Judd appears on Good Morning America singing "Burning Love" - the Elvis Presley song she has recorded for the Lilo &
 Stitch soundtrack.

Disney Channel premieres episode #5 of the new animated Kim Possible
 series titled "Downhill."
Comedian Harvey Korman greets Walt Disney World's 300-millionth guest
 Matt Gleason at the gates of Disney-MGM Studios!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit  
(which premiered on this day) went on to win 4 Academy Awards, the most at that time for a Disney film since 
Mary Poppins.

Director and writer Jan Jaroslav Pinkava is born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He directed
and wrote the Pixar Oscar-winning 1997 short film Geri's Game and originated and co-directed Pixar's
Oscar-winning 2007 film Ratatouille.
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The Rocketeer released
"P-p-please, Eddie! Don't throw me out. Don't you realize you're making a big mistake? I didn't kill anybody. I swear! The whole thing's a set up. A scam, a frame job. Ow! Eddie, I could never hurt anybody. Oow! My whole purpose in life is to make... people... laugh!" -Roger Rabbit
The Disney/Pixar feature WALL-E premieres at the Greek Theatre (in Griffith Park) in 
Los Angeles, California. (It will open in wide release June 27.) The film, set the distant future, centers on a 
small waste collecting robot who inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of 
mankind. Special guests attending the premiere include cast members Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, John Ratzenberger, 
Kathy Najimy, Sigourney Weaver and Elissa Knight. 

Disney's Nightmare Ned airs on ABC-TV with two new episodes -
"Testing...Testing..." and "The Accordion Lesson."
Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, children's book author/illustrator, director and screenwriter Guy Berkeley "Berke" Breathed is born in Encino, California. Best
 known for Bloom County, a 1980s cartoon-comic strip, Breathed's 2007 picture book Mars Needs Moms!
 was released as an animated feature by Disney in 2011.
D23 holds a special event at the El Capitan Theater to celebrate the
20th anniversary of The Rocketeer.
Disney welcomes a new okapi calf to the Disney's Animal Kingdom family. First-time 
mom Zawadi gives birth to a 35-pound female calf named Nafuna. Often thought to be related to the zebra (because of its stripes) the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe.
June 21
This Day in Disney History - THE FIRST - THE ORIGINAL
Traveling in time since 1999!
A special screening of The Lone Ranger takes place at Carmike Cinemas in Lawton, 
Oklahoma. Johnny Depp (who portrays Tonto) makes a surprise visit. The film will officially premiere at Disney 
California Adventure the following evening.

Goodman Theatre in Chicago begins previews of Disney's The Jungle Book.
Tony Award winner Mary Zimmerman has reimagined Walt Disney's 1967 animated hit into a wholly original new work
for the stage, drawing from both the film as well as Rudyard Kipling's 1894 collection of stories set in the Indian
jungle and featuring original Indian-inspired music and dance. Opening night is July 1.

Monsters University, a 3D computer-animated comedy produced by
Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, hits U.S. theaters.
A prequel to the 2001 Monsters, Inc., Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Bob Peterson, and John
Ratzenberger reprise their roles as Mike Wazowski, James P. Sullivan, Randall Boggs, Roz, and
The Abominable Snowman.

"Frozen Ever After," the highly anticipated ride based on the animated blockbuster "Frozen," officially opens at Walt Disney World. The attraction, which replaces the classic 
Maelstrom boat ride, is located in the Norway pavilion within Epcot's "World Showcase."