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"When did Epcot's International Gateway open?" -Maria (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Epcot's second entrance opend in 1990. Located near the France pavilion in World Showcase, it provides park access to guests staying in Epcot resort area hotels. Read more HERE.
"Which came first Disneyland or Disney World?" -Vance (Detroit, Michigan)
Disneyland in Anaheim, California was the very first of Disney's theme parks. It opened on July 17, 1955. Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida (consisting of just the Magic Kingdom and two resorts at the time) opened on October 1, 1971.
"When is Mickey Mouse's birthday?" -Cathy (Bethpage, New York)
The Walt Disney Company considers Mickey's birthday to be November 18, as that is the day in 1928 when Steamboat Willie debuted.
"Which attractions did Disney design for the 1964 World's Fair?" -Spencer (London, England)
Four attractions - Progressland, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, It's A Small World, and Magic Skyway were Disney's contribtuion to the 1964-64 New York World's Fair.
"Of all the Disney Broadway shows based on a movie, which one came first?" -Chris (Anaheim, California)
The stage musical Beauty and the Beast was the first Broadway adaptation by Walt Disney Theatrical Productions. It officially opened in April 1994 and was performed for the last time on Broadway in 2007.
"While researching info on the Alice Comedies - I keep coming across multiple actresses for the role of Alice. How many Alices were there?" -Didier (Paterson, New Jersey)
There were 4 different Alices over the course of the years those shorts were produced (1923-1927). Virginia Davis was the first to play Alice - she appeared in the first 13 titles. The other Alices inlcuded Dawn O'Day, Margie Gay, and Lois Hardwick.
"How many Disney theme parks exist in the world?" -Cindy (Ascutney, Vermont)
As of 2009, there are 11 Disney theme parks. Read about them all HERE.
"Who was the very first to be inducted a Disney Legend?" -Brian (Providence, Rhode Island)
Actor Fred MacMurray was inducted (all by himself) a Disney Legend back in October 1987.
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"Was Ub Iwerks one of Walt's Nine Old Men?" -Lou (Racine, Wisconsin)
No, although he was just as important! Read about Iwerks HERE and Walt's Nine Old Men HERE.
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