Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child) joins the Broadway cast of Disney's AidaThe 23-year-old Williams takes over the lead role from Toni Braxton. (Williams will appear in Aida for ten weeks.)

The Magic Kingdom in Florida unveils 75 6-foot tall 
statues of Mickey Mouse in honor of his 75th birthday.

Disney Channel is launched in Japan.
Walt Disney is given an honorary Oscar "for the creation of Mickey Mouse" by
 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences at the 5th Annual Academy
 Awards (held at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles). It is only the second honorary Oscar
 ever awarded by the Academy (the first one went to Charlie Chaplin, who is supposed to present the statuette to
 Walt on this evening, but has decided to stay home). Disney's Flowers and Trees takes home the Oscar for Best
 Short Subject, Cartoon (beating out Mickey's Orphans). It is the first time a Best Short Subject, Cartoon category
 (today known as Animated Short Film) has been given. It is also the first year that one man has been given two
 awards at the same ceremony. Although nominated for Achievement in Sound, Recording - Walt Disney
 Productions is edged out by Paramount Publix Studio Sound Department.

Disney's Parade of Academy Award Nominees, an animated color short made
 especially for this day's ceremony is screened. It features caricatures of those nominated in the
 Best Actor and Best Actress categories. The film marks Mickey Mouse's first on screen appearance in color!

Walt Disney (and all those nominated) already know ahead of time who the winners are. Up until 1941, winners
will be informed beforehand ... to help reporters meet their news deadlines.
Mickey Mouse stars in Steamboat Willie, the first commercially 
successful animated cartoon to use synchronized sound. Disney's third Mickey short (but the
first with sound) debuts as a sneak preview at Universal's Colony Theatre - located at Broadway & 53rd Street in
New York City. It is shown before the feature film Gang WarSteamboat Willie is co-directed by Walt Disney and
Ub Iwerks and features the first appearance of Minnie Mouse. It is animated by Ub Iwerks, Wilfred Jackson and Dick 
Lundy. The short also features the work of inbetween artist Les Clark (who will go on to be one of "Walt's Nine Old 
Men"). Walt himself supplies the voices for all the characters - although there isn't any real spoken dialogue just 
whistling, grunts, laughter and other vocal sounds. Walt sits nervously at the rear of the theater to gage the 
audience's reaction. To his delight, the Colony echoes with laughs and giggles throughout the short! Steamboat 
Willie will be shown every night for 2 weeks. (Despite the fact that this is not the first Mickey cartoon made or
released, it is still considered Mickey Mouse's true debut ... and birthday!)
Disney's animated feature Oliver & Company is released in U.S. theaters.
The film centers on a homeless kitten named Oliver who joins a gang of dogs to survive on the 1980s New York
 City streets. Inspired by the Charles Dickens novel "Oliver Twist," Oliver & Company features the voices of 12-
year-old Joey Lawrence, singer-songwriter Billy Joel, comic-actor Cheech Marin, and funny-man Dom DeLuise. Six
 supervising animators and a team of over 300 artists and technicians worked for over two and a half years to
 create the feature film. To give the backgrounds a contemporary and hard-edged look, Xerographic overlays are
 used, the first time for this approach since 101 Dalmatians. The last multiplane shots on the Disney Studio’s
 famous multiplane cameras were for Oliver & Company.
 A commemorative plaque is installed at the Broadway Theater - site of the 
former Colony Theater - at 1681 Broadway (W. 53rd St.) in New York City, 
marking the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Disney's Steamboat Willie.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City holds a birthday party for 
Mickey Mouse, showing Steamboat Willie at noon, fifty years after its
first public debut!

Over on the west coast, in honor of his 50th anniversary, Mickey 
becomes the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood 
Walk of Fame. The star is located on 6925 Hollywood Blvd.

This is the first year Mickey has an official birthday! Disney Archivist Dave Smith has 
declared that November 18, 1928, was the first general public appearance of Mickey Mouse ... thus
creating an official birth date for the popular character.

At Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse celebrates his 50th birthday with a
new parade at Magic Kingdom Park. Mickey and the Main Street Philharmonic kick off the
birthday procession, surrounded by banners that read "Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse." The parade
features balloons, wrapped gift boxes, party hats, larger-than-life birthday cards and a 50th birthday cake.
Mickey Mouse Club airs on ABC-TV. Today is Talent Round-Up Day.
A color, full-page advertisement for Insurance by North America appears in
LIFE magazine. The ad features a photo of a family of four standing in front of Disneyland's Sleeping
Beauty Castle and the entrance to Fantasyland. (The ad campaign, using Disneyland as a backdrop with families 
standing in different sections of the park, will continue into the 1960s.)

Actor Joey Miyashima is born in Los Angeles, California. In 2006, he played the role of Principal Dave Matsui in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical, and reprised it for the 2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year. His film credits include Touchstone's Con Air (1997) and Walt Disney's Meet the Deedles (1998).
The LP record Firehouse Five Plus Two - Around the World! is released on the
 Good Time Jazz label. The Dixieland group is led by Disney animator & trombonist Ward Kimball.
Actress Elizabeth Perkins, the voice of Coral in Disney's 2003 Finding Nemo, is born in Queens, New York.
At Disneyland, the Swiss Family Treehouse attraction opens in Adventureland. The opening ceremony is hosted by Walt Disney, Hayley Mills (star
of The Parent Trap and Pollyana), John Mills (Hayley's father and star of Swiss
Family Robinson), and Kevin Corcoran (who appears in both Pollyana
and Swiss Family Robinson). The Swiss Consulate presents Walt Disney with a flag that
will fly over the attraction.

Actor Owen Wilson, the voice of Lightning McQueen in the 2006 Cars, the 2011
Cars 2, and 2017 Cars 3, is born in Dallas, Texas.  His Touchstone/Disney film credits include Armageddon (1998), Rushmore (1998), Shanghai Noon (2000), Shanghai Knights (2003), and Around the World in 80 Days (2004).

Actor, voice actor, and music producer Romany Malco is born in Brooklyn, New York.
Fans of ABC-TV's A Million Little Things know him for his role of Rome Howard.

Mickey Mouse turns 40 years young!
On Mickey Mouse's 65th birthday, the "Partner's Statue" Dedication is held at Disneyland. Jack Lindquist, the President of Disneyland (who officially retires this same day) officiates the ceremony which includes Roy Disney unveiling the statue of Walt and Mickey Mouse (sculpted by Blaine Gibson).

At Disney World, the Audio-Animatronic robot of U.S. President Bill Clinton
first performs in the Hall of Presidents attraction.
The Walt Disney World Info Line (407-824-4321) begins to inform
 callers that the Mr. Toad attraction is "definitely closing."

The CD The Lion King - Original Broadway Cast Recording is released worldwide.
The Wonderful World of Disney airs "The Facts of Life Reunion," 
a gathering of the stars from the 1979-1988 sitcom.
The five-thousand square foot interactive exhibit "Too Small to See" 
opens at Epcot's Innoventions. Developed by Cornell University and 
supported by the National Science Foundation, the exhibit surrounds 
visitors with things at the atomic scale and exposes them to some 
important concepts in nanotechnology.
The Buster Keaton 1924 film
The Navigator and his 1928 
Steamboat Bill, Jr. were both
the inspiration for Disney's
Steamboat Willie.

 - - - - -Happy B-day Mickey!
Walt Disney sends his first 6 Mickey Mouse comic strips to King Features.
The first Disney movie with attitude.
Kenny Ortega, director of Highs School Musical  and High School Musical 2 is
 honored as Best Director, Comedy/Musical at the 15th annual Diversity Awards,
 held at Universal Studios' Globe Theatre.

Meanwhile over at the 35th American Music Awards, High School Musical 2 wins
 Favorite Soundtrack.

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 79th birthday!
Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers, a new book published by Disney's 
Hyperion, is released. It chronicles the band's latest tour, with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of 
Kevin, Joe, and Nick.

Walt Disney Records releases the original soundtrack for Walt Disney Pictures' 
animated comedy adventure BOLTThe recording features a score written by Grammy-nominated 
composer John Powell and two original songs: "I Thought I Lost You" performed by the film's stars Miley
Cyrus and John Travolta, and "Barking at the Moon" by Jenny Lewis.

The Disney-Pixar animated feature WALL-E is released to DVD for the first time.
Also released on the same DVD is BURN-E, an animated short about an unlucky welder robot.
A lottery to determine who will have the opportunity to buy the first 474 
houses and apartments in Disney's new Florida community Celebration, is held. 
In 1940 Disney's Fantasia will premiere in New York at the Broadway Theatre ... previously known as Universal's Colony Theatre!
TEA announces the 15th Annual Thea Award recipients during the International 
Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction's annual conference at 
Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Walt Disney Imagineering captures four 
prestigious Thea Awards: The Muppet Mobile Lab, currently at Hong Kong Disneyland, wins the Award for 
Outstanding Achievement - Technical; The Legend of Mythica at Tokyo DisneySea and Finding Nemo – The 
Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom each win an Award for Outstanding Achievement - Live Show; and 
Epcot receives the Thea Classic Award.
(The actual awards will be handed out at a black-tie dinner held at the Disneyland Hotel, March 7, 2009.)
"Mickey reflects the exuberant optimism of his creator."
-Michael Eisner, former CEO, The Walt Disney Co.

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Oliver & Company released

Actor Delroy Lindo is born in London, England. He is the voice of Beta, a Rottweiler and 
member of Muntz's pack of talking dogs in Disney-Pixar's UP.
Mickey’s birthday is celebrated as 5,500 underprivileged children from
 across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan are treated to a three-day
 visit to Disneyland to assist Mickey in celebrating his day
It is reported that Victoria & Albert's, the top-of-the-line restaurant at Walt Disney 
World, has been awarded its 10th consecutive AAA Five Diamond rating (one of 
only three Florida restaurants to earn that ultimate classification). Located in Disney's 
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Victoria & Albert's restaurant offers a unique dinner menu each night of 
exceptional, contemporary American cuisine served with unparalleled charm and elegance.
"I am most strongly connected to Mickey Mouse, obviously,
 because he and I are cousins. We go way back. He's a year and a half older than I am, but he looks better than I do, of course."
 -Roy E. Disney
Disney announces that the Downtown area referred to as Pleasure Island will be
 renamed Hyperion Wharf and that the revitalization project is scheduled to be
 completed by Spring 2013.
Radio Disney is launched at 5:58 A.M. EST with the song "Get Ready For This."
Recorded by Dutch eurodance group 2 Unlimited, "Get Ready For This" first made its debut back in 1991. 
Radio Disney will broadcast songs that are played on Top-40 stations as well as popular oldies and songs 
from various cartoon shows and movies.
Award-winning television icon and Disney Legend Regis Philbin hosts LIVE! with Regis and Kelly (on ABC-TV) for the last time. He is retiring from the long-running talk show, which first launched into national syndication in 1988 as LIVE! with Regis and Kathie Lee.

Toy Story Land opens at Hong Kong Disneyland. 
Mickey Mouse turns 80!
"Sometimes I've tried to figure out why Mickey appealed to the whole world. Everybody's tried to figure it out. So far as I know,
nobody has. He's a pretty nice fellow who never does anybody any harm, who gets into scrapes through no fault of his own, but always
manages to come out grinning. Why Mickey's even been faithful to one girl, Minnie, all his life. Mickey is so simple and uncomplicated,
so easy to understand that you can't help liking him." -Walt Disney
"Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two" is released on Mickey's 84th birthday. 
A sequel to the video game "Epic Mickey," it is released on Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X,
Microsoft Windows, and the Wii U.

The animated television series Sofia the First, produced by Disney Television Animation
for Disney Channel and Disney Junior, premieres with the episode "Once Upon a Princess." The show follows the adventures of Sofia, who becomes a princess when her mother, Miranda, marries
King Roland III of Enchancia. Sofia is voiced by actress Ariel Winter.
We're All Ears!
November 18
Disney Channel debuts the first-ever extended episode of the Emmy Award-winning "Mickey Mouse" cartoon shorts as part of a themed day of programming in honor of Mickey Mouse's 85th birthday. The special seven-minute comedic cartoon titled "Potatoland" finds Mickey, Donald and Goofy on a road trip to Idaho to fulfill Goofy’s lifelong dream of visiting what he fondly remembers as Potatoland theme park. 
The NBC-TV series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
airs part 1 of "The Magnificent Rebel." About the life of Ludwig Beethoven, the 2-part special features
actor/pianist Carl Boehm as the great composer who is driven to success despite his long battle against deafness.
Filmed in and around Vienna (where Beethoven lived and worked), the international cast includes Giulia Rubini as
Countess Giulietta and Ivan Desny as Prince Lichnowsky.
PizzeRizzo, the new quick service Muppets-themed restaurant at Disney's
Hollywood Studios, has its official grand opening. Located where Toy Story Pizza Planet once 
stood, Rizzo The Rat owns and operates this pizzeria where guests can dine in a "cheesy" banquet room.

Mickey Mouse visits the set of ABC News’ Good Morning America to celebrate his 88th 
birthday and premiere his new music video, "What We Got." His appearance in New York City
is the culmination of his worldwide birthday tour, where he surprised fans and friends in Los Angeles, Kyoto,
Shanghai, Rome, Paris, Cusco and Rio de Janeiro while making the music video.
Mickey Mouse turns 70!
People around the world celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday!
Actor James Coburn, who was featured in more than 70 films (largely action roles) 
and made 100 television appearances during a 45-year career, passes away at age 74 in Beverly Hills, California. He portrayed Mr. Crisp in the 1993 musical comedy Sister Act 2: Back in the Habitprovided the voice of Mr. Waternoose in the 2001 Pixar film Monsters, Inc., and played the the role of James "Thunder Jack" Johnson in Disney's 2002 live-action Snow Dogs. Coburn was a capable, rough-hewn leading man, whose toothy grin and lanky physique made him a perfect tough guy in numerous leading and supporting roles in westerns and action films such as The Magnificent SevenHell Is for Heroes, and The Great Escape.
Actress and comedian Nasim Pedrad is born in Tehran, Iran. Best known for her five seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2009 to 2014, she played the role of Dalia in the 2019 Aladdin.

Actress and dancer Mekia Cox is born the U.S. Virgin Islands (but moved to Orlando, Florida at age 7). She played the role of Princess Tiana/Sabine in the last season of ABC-TV's Once Upon a Time. She also appeared in a 2016 episode of the ABC sitcom Modern Family.
Actor, comedian, & screenwriter Damon Wayans Jr. is born in Los Angeles, California
He played the role of Brad Williams on the ABC sitcom Happy Endings from 2011 to 2013, and supplied the voice
of Wasabi in the 2014 Disney animated feature Big Hero 6.
Frozen Sing Along Edition is released on DVD. Fans of the 2013 hit movie Frozen can join Anna as she sets off on an epic journey, teaming up with mountain man Kristoff and a snowman named Olaf, to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.
Actor/director Nathan Kress is born in Glendale, California. His Disney acting credits include Chicken LittleThe Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Star Wars Rebels. (He is best recognized from his
role of Freddie on the Nickelodeon series iCarly.)
The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, an animated web television series produced by Disney Television Animation, debuts on Disney+ on Mickey's 92nd birthday. The series is a continuation and revival of the Emmy Award-winning Mickey Mouse TV series that originally ran on Disney Channel.
The live-action/animated musical fantasy comedy film Disenchanted, co-produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Josephson Entertainment, and Right Coast Productions, is released to U.S. theaters. Fifteen years after her happily ever after, Giselle questions her happiness, inadvertently turning the lives of those in the real world and Andalasia upside down in the process. Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel reprise their roles from the first film Enchanted, with Gabriella Baldacchino replacing Rachel Covey (who makes a cameo). They are joined by newcomers Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Kolton Stewart, Oscar Nunez, and Griffin Newman.